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Customer success: using Mail Merge It for personalized engagement

Check in with your customers with personalized emails

If you're in customer success, chances are you reach out to your customers regularly to see how you can help them. A lot of times, you might also be emailing about your progress since the last meeting on specific things they had requested in your product or service.

With Mail Merge It, you can save time - you don't have to email each of these customers individually anymore. You can engage with them in one shot, while still personalizing each email that goes out to your customers.

To begin, you'll need the list of customers you engage with in a spreadsheet. If you they are in your customer success software or in your product database, export them first.

Once you have exported the list of customers, import the list into Google Sheets by going to and using NewFile upload.

Uploading a CSV with a list of your customers to Google Sheets for mail merge

Meanwhile, go to your Gmail and create a new email that you'd like to send across to all these customers. You can personalize the email by specifying their first names, and many other things.

For example, if your sheet has a column with the header FirstName, and in another column with the header Savings, you've listed the amount each person saved because of using your products or services, you can insert them into your email like this:

Sample Gmail mail merge template

When the campaign is sent out, Mail Merge It will substitute these values by taking them from each row in the spreadsheet.

Once you've created your email draft in Gmail, go to the Addons menu and click Mail Merge It. Follow the steps in this article to send out your first campaign.

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