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Sales: using Mail Merge It for cold email campaigns

With Mail Merge It, you can send personalized sales campaigns to your leads

It goes without saying that personalized emails work best when you're reaching out to your leads. Mail Merge It allows you to easily customize your emails, helping your emails get the attention they deserve when they land on their inbox.

Let's see how you can send your first sales campaign with Mail Merge It. If you already have a list of leads you're reaching out to, just import them into a Google Sheet. You can do that by going to and clicking NewFile upload.

Uploading a CSV with your leads to Google Sheets

In the meanwhile, create a draft in your Gmail account with an email you'd like to send across. You can leverage placeholders to customize the content of your email. For example, you can have the corresponding lead's name inserted into each email that gets sent out as part of this campaign.

If one of the columns in your sheet has the header FirstName, you can just use the placeholder $%FirstName%$ in the email. Here's a sample email with placeholders:

A sample email in Gmail with placeholders for mail merge

You can even use it in the subject, like this:

A sample email with a placeholder in the subject

Once you've created this campaign, you can go to Addons > Mail Merge It and go through the steps to send out your first Mail Merge It campaign. If you'd like to read in detail about how you can send out your campaign, check this out.

We suggest that you optimize this campaign to reach your leads' inboxes at the right time. To achieve this, you can use the ability to schedule your campaigns in Mail Merge. You can pick a time and Mail Merge It will automatically email everyone in the list with the content of your campaign at the time you've set. To read more about scheduling, read this article.

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